When your organization has employees handling operations across the region or globe, there is an imperative need for a centralized, scalable, and consistent payroll service to achieve your business objectives. In Singapore, apart from the large organizations, there are a large number of small and mid-sized firms that operate in multiple countries.

Does your organization face any of these challenges with its current global payroll system?

  • Information gap due to redundant and decentralized HR systems
  • High compliance risk due to frequently changing local legislative laws
  • Lack of payroll and compliance expertise and informed guidance
  • Lack of access to actionable insights of your human capital

ADP’s multi-country payroll solution offers end-to-end payroll service with centralized reporting that helps you minimize risk, reduce cost and streamline your entire payroll process. It also lets you handle country-specific taxes and deductions, monitor compliance requirements, and ensure a smooth payroll experience for all employees.

To measure the effectiveness of our payroll operations we use a number of key performance indicators, One of them is timeliness: we must ensure that everyone gets their paycheck by the 25th day of every month. Through our partnership with ADP we’ve been able to align monthly paydays for all our employees.

Key benefits

Payroll multinational
Optimizing global payroll

When an organization decides to expand their business globally they are tasked with a lot of payroll-related challenges. Some of these challenges include:

  • Not conforming to changing compliance regulations
  • Lack of control and visibility of multiple subsidiaries
  • High Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Danger of exposing confidential payroll data

An effective multi-country payroll solution should address these challenges and let you focus on your core business objectives.

ADP provides a simple and consistent set of tools and processes to manage multi-country payroll effectively on a single platform. With a presence in 104 countries and access to local experts across the global landscape, ADP’s multi-country payroll solution provides the right solution for all your payroll-related problems.

Single integrated solution

ADP’s multi-country payroll solution is an end-to-end solution that combines advanced technology with outstanding managed services to give high visibility to companies with multi-country operations and control distributed payroll and HR operations. Its powerful connectivity, integration, and reporting capabilities extend the value of payroll information and help companies maximize their current, global, HR investments in a scalable manner.

Payroll Services singapore
Payroll Services singapore
Access to consistent multi-country payroll data

ADP’s universal format for data exchange ensures consistent and standardized input and output of HR data in a completely secure environment. This all-in-one interface minimizes the need for dedicated, in-country specialists and also acts as a firewall to protect HR interface from risks related to changes and upgrades in the multi-country payroll platform.

An online-monitoring platform provides truly borderless, global, payroll and HR administration. You can get a current view of your data flow and global payroll-processing across the entire organization by logging onto the web at any time. Powerful web-based tools allow you to see the payroll status, run metrics, and benefit from proactive alerts.

Monitor data flow and payroll processing
  • Web-based, secure platform, which is accessible from any location 24/7
  • Multi-country HR and payroll-data workflow on one platform
  • Single process for data input and output
  • Channel and track payroll workflow
  • Production of service metrics to track and measure service delivery quality standards

Payroll Services singapore

What sets us apart?

ADP's multi-country payroll solution utilizes a centralized monitoring platform to deploy global payroll and HR services across the entire employee population through our local service providers.

Payroll Services
Network of experts, with ADP governance

ADP's multi-country payroll solution provides your organization with tenured experts from a network of trusted professional organizations. Each expert complies with ADP’s service-delivery standards, service definitions and policies.

ADP's multi-country payroll solution's in-country experts
  • Comply with the provision of a defined local payroll service according to ADP’s standards
  • Provide service-delivery metrics
  • Use the central monitoring BPM platform to manage flexible workload requirements
  • Plan business continuity
Payroll services
Payroll services
ADP’s multi-country payroll solution’s in-country experts are supported by a dedicated central management team to ensure quality through:
  • Audits
  • Quality surveys
  • Seminars and training sessions
Robust technology

With over 60 years of experience, we are committed to the innovation agenda, backed with the latest technology and keeping in mind the client’s continuously changing needs.

Payroll Services

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