Local payroll on a truly global scale


Whether you’re a business of 100 employees, or one of the Fortune 100, pay always matters – but in such uncertain times it is vital. Pay is crucial to employee wellbeing and is a large part of your operating costs. Yet it gets little attention until something goes wrong; when even a small payroll error can become a big problem. 

In a world where the rules are changing fast it’s important to stay ahead, combining global scale with local insight to manage risk and avoid penalties. 

At ADP we pay 40 million people worldwide, which makes us pretty global. And these people are in 140 countries (including yours), all with different needs and their own regulatory challenges. Which makes us as local as you can get. 

From managed services to mobile cloud solutions, ADP is helping over 810,000 customers navigate complexity, designing Pay and HR solutions that are core to business success.


Why businesses like yours trust ADP



ADP Payroll helps you overcome the complexities and risks associated with sourcing, managing and delivering payroll services to keep things running smoothly.


Rest easier, knowing that your payroll is always accurate, on time and in compliance. Our compliance and support specialists make it their job to stay on top of regulations — so you don’t have to.


Enjoy a single view of your workforce data for reporting and analytics to make better decisions.


Ensure the safety of your data with the award-winning data security and privacy standards provided by ADP Payroll.


How ADP works for others like you


“ADP was a clear choice for us due to its reputation for a high degree of service and support throughout. Another benefit for us is ADP’s global footprint. As a growing global provider ourselves, we were looking for a partner whose solutions could flex with our own growth, and we feel that ADP truly has that ability.”

Deborah Biggs, HR Manager, Hughes Network Systems Ltd


“Now we are in a really good place. Our payroll problems are at an all-time low. We have replaced multiple vendors with ADP as our one global vendor. We launched ADP in 30 countries, all within our 18-month timeframe. And now 99.9% of our employees are paid on ADP.”

Traci Memmott, Global Head of Payroll, PayPal


“With ADP’s Global Payroll I can now check which country’s payroll is on time and if any have missed their cut off dates, so I don’t have to request information from different payroll teams.  We now have international ownership and one system to gather information with all data in the same format.  And in addition, the standardised systems allow us to apply a set of standardised controls as well.”

Natascha Moore, International Payroll Manager and Global Process Owner Payroll, FedEx


“I especially want to thank ADP, because without their support, I don't think we would have been able to handle our payroll process as effectively as we do today. We've been in secure hands for the past so many years.”

Sunita Cherian, Chief Culture Officer and Senior Vice President - Corporate HR, Wipro


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