Eliminate payroll complexity with payroll simplicity

ADP can help you to better align your talent with your global business goals and lower costs, free up high-value employees and smooth day-to-day operations by eliminating the complexity caused by having multiple platforms, applications and vendors. ADP has also experts in over 70 countries, who are dedicated to helping you stay compliant, keeping you one step ahead of legislative changes with our global business solutions.

ADP Streamline

A solution for international corporations doing business across countless countries, cultures and currencies.

ADP GlobalView

A suite of payroll and human capital management services provided by a single vendor

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Our expertise


Around the world, thousands of multinational organizations trust ADP to delivery their global payroll.

ADP's multi-country payroll solution utilizes a centralized monitoring platform to deploy your global payroll and HR services across your entire employee population through our local service providers.

Network of experts, with ADP governance

ADP's multi-country payroll solution provides your organizations with tenured experts from a network of trusted professional organizations. Each expert complies with ADP’s service deliver standards, service definitions and policies.


ADP multi-country payroll solution's in-country experts:

  • Comply with the provision of a defined local payroll service according to ADP’s standards
  • Provide service delivery metrics
  • Use ADP multi-country payroll solution’s central monitoring BPM platform – StreamOnLine to manage flexible workload requirements
  • Business continuity planning

ADP multi-country payroll solution’s in-country experts are supported by a dedicated central management team to ensure quality through:

  • Audits
  • Quality surveys
  • Seminars and training sessions

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