MIT report reveals how countries in Asia are speeding up global artificial intelligence adoption


Get rich insights into the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in Asia’s leading economies.

Asia’s AI Agenda: The Deep Dive Editionsis a series of briefing papers by MIT Technology Review. It is a follow-on project to research published in October 2016, which surveyed business leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region. New insights were gained through in-depth interviews conducted between May and June of 2017.  

A holistic view of AI’s trajectory and its manifestation in each of four markets—Singapore, China, Australia, and India—has revealed that advances in automation technology are quickly changing the way Asia’s firms manage and develop their human talent, forcing them to examine the very nature of what a “job” is.  

In each of these four countries, AI and automation are already changing the ways firms manage and develop human talent:

  1. - Australia is fostering AI development in healthcare, financial services, and in a green-economy focus on energy and utilities
  2. - The skills and talent pools created by India’s IT ecosystem are seen as an asset that could make it a globally competitive producer of AI software and applications
  3. - Significant AI research and investment in China give it a real possibility of securing a leading role in defining AI globally
  4. - Singapore is keen to future-proof its economy through AI, leading to a focus on applications poised to redefine the city-state’s role as one of the world’s most important finance centers.

ADP is proud to contribute to the wider understanding in this area, as the sponsor of this report and via our own ADP Research Institute’s report, The Evolution of Work. Get your copy of the MIT report now to learn more.


Artificial Intelligence - MIT Technology Review


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