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Payroll isn’t just about paying your people. And let’s face it, you didn’t get into business to manage paperwork and keep track of payroll legislations.


Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll isn’t just about paying your people. And let’s face it, you didn’t get into business to manage paperwork and keep track of payroll legislations.

No matter what business you are in, whether you are a start-up with a few employees or a large enterprise with employees in locations across Singapore, processing payroll in-house along with appropriate compliance can be time-consuming and labor intensive; it may also require local legislative expertise.

In a fast-paced world where organisations go through rapid transformations, outsourcing these complex administrative tasks can prove beneficial as this allows the organisation to focus on its core business objectives.

ADP provides accurate, secure and affordable payroll outsourcing services for organisations of all types and sizes.

In fact, 80% of Fortune 500 companies and 90% of Fortune 1000 companies use ADP’s products and services.     


Key benefits


End-to-End payroll process

ADP ensures accurate, timely and end-to-end support for an employee’s payroll, from the date-of joining to the final settlement. Our flexible solution is designed to grow with your business.


Adherence to payroll compliance

We process all the mandatory and optional statutory deductions like CPF, SINDA, CPAC, ECF, MBMF, FWL, SDL and Community Chest Funds. ADP also supports year-end income filing (IR8A, IR21) for all employees.


Query management

Managing employee queries is a critical and time consuming activity. We offer a query-management system via our ESS portal that simplifies the process of answering employees’ queries and resolving their issues. We strictly adhere to specific SLAs to answer queries and resolve issues on time.


Structure your employee data with us

Your employees’ data is important for managing their employment lifecycle at your company smoothly. The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) module structures your employee data on our platform for future scalability. HRIS forms the core of our solution and becomes increasingly critical as you expand your employee base.


Insightful reports for faster decision-making

We deliver custom reports that help your organization make data-driven HR decisions including, but not limited to the following:

  • Pay details of all employees
  • Information about employee turnover and retention
  • Reimbursements reports

Employee self service portal

Leave Management

The Leave Management System allows your employees to easily manage leaves through an intuitive and mobile-optimised portal. Employees can apply for general leaves such as annual leave and sick leave, and special leaves such as maternity leave and adoption leave. The Leave Management System also provides you the flexibility to configure leave policies, leave groups, holiday groups as well as your organisation’s work-week calendar. Using this system, your employees can view the complete history of their leave details through monthly and yearly reports.


Employees have unlimited access to their pay slips from this mobile friendly portal.

Get consolidated monthly reports. Furthermore, get assistance with consolidated information during audits and inspections.

Year-end, income-filing forms

This portal gives easy access to year-end income filing forms, such as IR8A to report your employees’ remuneration every year and IR21 to file taxes online. Accurate processing and filings of returns is vital to the integrity of every company and ADP takes it very seriously. Our internal reconciliation process is comprehensive and ensures maximum accuracy with regard to taxes deducted.


Advantage Knowledge

The payroll function is traditionally under much pressure to deliver against key performance indicators with little margin for error. Poor processes, over-burdened staff and antiquated systems can lead to mistakes, delays and disgruntled employees.

Our solutions can alleviate this pressure through a professional and reliable partnership that guarantees flawlessly managed payment processing.

Advantage Experience

Our country specialists offer you unparalleled subject-matter expertise and maintain meticulous processing standards. They can also help support business decisions and the formulation of strategies through the provision of real-time management reports, not to mention meeting budgetary and resource constraints.

Our flexible solutions can be scaled up or down in accordance with changing business needs, saving time, effort and money.

Our solutions allow staff to concentrate on what they know best, while we do what we know best: managed payroll processing.


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